I LAKSHMI MEDURI come from a middle class family who always looked for a happy face of my Mother who used to work so hard in marketing for HUL. She used to request customers or people around to take the samples from the company and give feed back and sometimes request them to attend the interviews conducted by the company. She used to visit door to door for her work and get very less amount as salary which used tobe different for each project. Iam being very inspired and motivated by mom and my grandmother and being passionate about my studies they always encouraged me and i was about to join my Medicine had a fire accident severely and not able to attend my balance final exams and then my life turned towards fashion as i had a long break. I completed my GARMENT TECHNOLOGY and other related courses. I worked for different companies, standing completely in final inspection for more than 13 to 14 hours a day. Being passionate about my higher education i had quit the job and done other courses and was placed in good job and worked with big companies and Brands globally

Being in job i did complete my graduation and my MBA with my own earnings. Due to another accident i had to quit that job and later tried many other and being struggling a lot with many personal abuses and other things around at work places and one day decided to Start my Own brand ADVITIIYA VASTHRAAKRUTHI, the Silk saree brand for my mom  and started a Facebook page with my moms mail id with a small mobile in hand and used to work day and night without sleep and Brand reached to a Peak stage and served more than 8000 TO 10000 customers globally. Where in there was a big storm in my fate in the name of marriage. Was been cheated badly in all ways where i had 2yr old boy in hand and later husband had severe brain stroke, where life has left me to take a bold decision to move on for my child’s future and shifted to Hyderabad. Now ADVITIIYA VASTHRAAKRUTHI IS BACK by relaunching its brand both online and offline stores with more collections. That has captured the essence of Indian heritage and craftsmanship in its exquisite collection of sarees. Rooted in tradition yet catering to modern tastes, Advitiiya Vasthraakruthi encapsulates the beauty, elegance, and diversity of Indian culture through its meticulously crafted sarees. Being into clothing I was more passionate for sarees and customize them for my clients which have been exhibited globally too.